Catch the new wave in advertising business on the Web, now you can be paid real money just for letting advertising companies show their banners on your screen. Everybody with access to Internet can get their part of multi-million investitions to Wold Wide Web. Decide when and how you want to see the ads - there are many ways how this developing industry interacts with customers. Rent them some space on your screen while connected to Internet and you can earn several hundred of US$ per month while doing what you do already - surfing the net. If you decide to invest time in building Your referral network, this may become long term extra income. Browse through this site and find out how. Companies page contains basic information for each one and is constantly updated. All are free to join!

One more note. There are really many Paid Surfing companies evolving nowadays, and it's difficult to decide which ones are worth joining. I try to track this new industry on daily basis and present only the best ones here.


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