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What is this all about There are companies that will pay you for various activities on the web. Most popular are "Get paid to surf". All they require is that you allow a small advertising banner on your screen, while you are surfing the web or in some cases, simply connected to the net. This is a way for companies to advertise products and services to consumers and you get paid to help. Here are listed best "Get Paid To Surf" opportunities that are available in any country (or are likely to become such). Using provided links, you can learn more about each of them and sign up! You can earn even more by referring family, friends, and other people and getting paid when THEY surf the web.

Does it cost to participate Participation is free for all. Companies featured here cost nothing but little time to fill registration form, if necessary download the software and read instructions. There are no hidden payments except Getpaid4 who substract processing fee of US$2.00/month.

You decide how and when You are free to join or cancel participation at any time. You decide in which part of their earning program to participate and when.

How much money Generally between US$0.20 and US$1.00 per hour. for your own surfing, some companies have unlimited hours per month! You can earn much more by referring your family, friends and other people.

How the payment is made There is minimum value which you must accumulate before requesting the payment, generally US$20.00 to US$50.00. Unpaid amounts are carried over to the following month. Usually cheque is sent by post which you then convert into cash at your local bank. This is why you have to give your accurate personal information upon registration. Other options like electronic transfer to your existing account are being implemented by some companies.

What I have to do to be paid Companies deliver advertisements to you in different ways. Most common and easiest way is advertising bar - their proprietary software which places banners on the top or bottom of your screen. Usually it has many cool features implemented and a nice look. Other activities include reading advertising E-mails, visiting Web sites, even playing games or listening to internet radio. This industry is at its early stages - great technical solutions are still to come. Get in early!

Why do I have to give them my personal information In order to get contract with advertisers (this is where the money comes from) they present them with statistics about their members. And most likely you want the check to be sent to your correct address with your real name, in order to clear it to cash.

Do they spam No. I never received any unsolicited E-mail from these companies.

Advanced strategies

Many ad-bars simultaneously Yes, it's possible! Run as many as you can! It depends on computer and Internet connection speed. 3-4 ad-bars run fine with 32MB RAM and 28kbps modem, but be sure to free as much as possible RAM, stop all unnecessary programs (Ctrl+Alt+Del, End Task). Freemem.exe from 3B Software is very usefull - see how much free RAM is left. Some ad-bars tend to increasingly eat up more and more resources over long use - stop and restart them.

Monitor issues Use higher resolution and increase font size from your browser controls. With 1024x768 and 5-6 ad-bars running, there is still some screen space for your regular computer activities. Drag and drop your bottom tool-bar to vertical position, this saves some more space. Although I have not tried this, technically it should be possible to connect second monitor to your computer.

Ad-bar active status You are required to either periodically change URLs in your browser, move mouse or use keyboard in order to keep advertising banners refreshed continuously. Most companies now have real time statistics of your accumulated time and earnings on their pages. I would not recommend any cheating programs, sooner or later you will end up with canceled account.

But there are many of them That's right, about 300 as of May-2000. Not listed here: a) non-International or not going World Wide in near future, b) inactive - failed to go in business in 2-3 months after initial release, c) Non profitable, poorly managed or otherwise not meeting requirements. Use the best ones - already paying, with highest pay rates, unlimited hours, better referral programs. You can also send me an e-mail with question about companies.